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Under normal circumstances, teeth will erupt automatically as they are intended to do, typically by the age of 13. But what happens if any of those teeth fail to do so? That is when you will want to consult with Dr. Elliott Ostro, our Midtown West oral surgeon. Teeth that do not erupt and/or become impacted can cause discomfort and pain. More so, it can lead to problems with your tooth alignment and your bite. It is therefore vital to surgically expose these teeth so that they can erupt and give you a full set of healthy teeth. It is a simple, effective, and safe procedure to facilitate this process.

It is cuspid teeth that typically cause this kind of problem. What needs to happen is that our Midtown West oral surgeon will lift the gum tissue that is at the top of the tooth that has not erupted. This will expose the tooth. If the primary tooth has not fallen out yet, it will be extracted as part o the procedure. An orthodontic bracket will then be applied and bonded to the now exposed tooth. This bracket will have a small chain attached and this will e used to guide the arch wire into the proper position.

The next step in the process will be for our Midtown West oral surgeon to apply gentle force to pull on the tooth that has not erupted. This begins moving the tooth into the place where it was meant to be within the dental arch. While the process is efficient, it may take some time. The tooth is moved gradually, through a controlled method. In some cases, all of the work can take up to a year before the tooth is in its proper position.

On the plus side, this process allows the opportunity to save the tooth, rather than resort to an extraction. After our Midtown West oral surgeon has determined that the tooth has moved sufficiently, the gum area will be tested to make sure that it is strong and healthy enough to support the tooth. It is possible that minor gum surgery may be needed at that point to make the entire gum and tooth will be sturdy enough to perform without a problem moving forward.

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