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There are plenty of different things that your dentist can help you take care of. When it comes to dental health, there is more to it than just your teeth and gums. If you are experiencing any troubles or symptoms associated with your jaw, then you may have a TMJ disorder. Such issues can be painful and can really interfere with the quality of your everyday life. Here at the dental offices of Elliott Ostro DMD, our TMJ specialist, you can get the complete care that you need. With the expertise of our Central Park oral surgeon, whatever issues are plaguing you can be assessed, diagnosed and treated with care.

When it comes to dental health, your dentist can help with any problems that may affect the overall health of your teeth and gums. While these two parts of the mouth are often the most thought of when it comes to dental care, other parts of the mouth and the jaw are considered important parts of your overall dental and oral health as well. TMJ disorders relate to the jaw, or more specifically, the temporomandibular joint – which is known as the TMJ for short. The joint is what connects your jaw to the rest of your skull, allowing the jaw to open and close with ease in order for you to chew, bite, eat, speak and breathe on a daily basis. Issues with the joint can disrupt any of these basic functions and they can be painful at times as well. Some issues concerning the TMJ may include pressure, strain, friction, or resulting issues from an injury or other problem. You may have a TMJ disorder if you notice any clicking sounds when you open or close your mouth, if your jaw tends to lock in place whether it is open or closed, if you generally feel any pain when you chew or move your jaw, if you have any persistent discomfort in your face, neck, jaw or mouth, or other similar issues. Our Central Park oral surgeon, Elliott Ostro DMD, can help if you have any of these issues.

With the help of a TMJ specialist, you can get the proper care that you need, even if that care happens to be oral surgery. Call us here at the dental offices of our Central Park oral surgeon, Elliott Ostro DMD, to schedule an evaluation today.

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