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Dental implants Hell's Kitchen

Dental implants Hell’s Kitchen

The procedure for getting a dental implant is very simple, but just takes a little bit of time in order to complete successfully. That effort is well worth it. A lifetime of use may be ahead of you, with proper care. At the office of Elliott Ostro DMD, our dental implants Hell’s Kitchen give you new teeth that look, feel, and even function like any of your natural ones.

The very first component is a consultation. Get all your questions answered. Are you a good candidate? Most people either are or can made to be. The two key aspects are healthy gums, which can be ascertained with a visual inspection and physical examination; and a strong, thick jaw bone, for which the necessary testing will be done. Being a smoker or having diabetes may have some effect on your eligibility, but that will be determined at your first visit. Jaw bones can be augmented with bone grafting procedures, and gums can be treated to promote sufficient wellness to accept our dental implants Hell’s Kitchen. As you move on to the next stage, our oral surgeon will place the first part of the implant, the titanium post, in your jaw. Over several months, your bone tissue grows around the post and fuses with it. At that time, the tooth-colored crown is fashioned by the dental lab, from impressions taken by our office, and then cemented to the post. And that’s all it takes. Speak and laugh with full confidence. Chew even the toughest foods, including those that are crunchy or sticky. There’s no messy adhesives required, and your other teeth remain unaffected by our dental implants Hell’s Kitchen.

There’s no reason to wait. Get things started by contacting our office and booking a convenient time to come in for a consultation.

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