Dental Implants in New York NY

Wisdom teeth removal in New York NY

Dental implants in New York NY

Dental implants in New York NY

Not all wisdom teeth will need to removed, but when they are growing in crooked or only partially, they are highly likely to cause pain, become impacted, infected, and may even cause complications by damaging nearby teeth, nerves, and bone tissue. Dr. Elliott Ostro, is pleased to offer services like wisdom teeth removal and our dental implants in New York NY. In either case, oral surgery is performed, and you can be confident in the high level of skill and experience that our oral surgeon provides.

For wisdom teeth, you should seek out our dental care as soon as you become aware that they are erupting, even if there is no discomfort involved currently. Get evaluated so that our oral surgeon can get out ahead of the problem and possibly help you to avoid unnecessary consequences. Antibiotics may be required prior to the procedure if there is an infection involved. The actual process of removing the teeth may have to be done by taking them out in pieces. But do not worry. You will be sufficiently numb with local anesthesia. Your gum tissue will be cut open, any bone in the way will be removed, and the extraction will commence. Afterward, you should use an ice pack to reduce swelling and take over-the-counter pain relief medication. Full recovery can take a few days. As for our dental implants in New York NY, the key part of them is the surgical placement of the titanium post in your jaw. It replaces your old tooth’s root and is the foundation for the new tooth. Our oral surgeon will make sure you are comfortable and you can rest assured that the procedure will be done properly. This is the advantage of going to a specialist.

So whether you need our dental implants in New York NY or wisdom teeth removal, you know where to turn. Contact our office to arrange an appointment.

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