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Elliott Ostro DMD, Dental Implant Surgeon

Are you suffering from teeth missing from your smile, but are hesitant to replace them through traditional means? While dentures can be one of the cheaper ways to restore your smile, they are not the best solution for a naturally beautiful smile. Today’s patients and dentist alike highly recommend dental implants as being the most lasting and easy to care for way to restore your smile, and you don’t have to go far to find them. This state of the art smile restoration technique can be found right at your local New York City dental implant surgeon at the offices of Elliott Ostro, DMD. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff are happy to explain to you how beautiful dental implants can return your smile to a picture of perfect health.

Dental Implant Surgery in Manhattan

Dental Implant Surgery in Manhattan

Dental implant surgery begins with careful planning through dental x-rays and radiographs during your initial appointment with your trusted New York City dental implant surgeon, Dr. Elliott Ostro. Our team works to examine your whole mouth, with extra care taken to the jaw bone to insure the quality and quantity of this area will be sufficient to hold your new implant firmly into place. Once a detailed plan has been outlined, your doctor can then begin the first step of your surgical treatment by implanting the titanium post into the bone of your jaw. This base of your dental implants works to perfectly mimic the roots of your natural teeth, and is the only type of smile restoration available today that provides a permanent solution to lost teeth without harming any other part of your smile.

This titanium post is then left to heal for four to six months, which allows for your jaw to grow around the post for a firm hold in your mouth, in much the same manner as your jaw bones grow around new tooth roots. While this is healing, your professional New York City implant surgeon will gather impressions from your smile to craft a perfect crown for this space. Our teams always check each and every crown or bridge we make for your mouth to insure a perfect fit and an exact color match. Dental implants are finished with a crown crafted of porcelain attached to a metal abutment on your titanium post. Porcelain is the strongest tooth-colored material in use today, and has the unique ability to resist staining, making it the premiere choice for implants.

Once your implants from your neighborhood New York City dental implant surgeon have fully healed, you can care for them just as you would your own teeth. These implants last a lifetime, and as such it is important to find an experienced professional for the task. Dr. Elliott Ostro, DMD is a practice devoted specifically to oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Ostro’s level of education and decades of experience are what his patients have come to trust to help them achieve their best smiles yet.

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