Elliott Ostro DMD – Manhattan Oral Surgeon

Elliott Ostro DMD – Manhattan Oral Surgeon

Soft tissue or gum grafting surgery is a dental procedure performed by our Manhattan oral surgeon, xanax action IA. Dr. Ostro is a dental specialist who has advanced training in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the gums and supporting bone. Dr. Ostro will recommend soft tissue grafting surgery to treat oral health problems caused by periodontal disease and recession of your gums. Some benefits of soft tissue grafting surgery include coverage of tooth roots to decrease the risk of tooth decay. This will also help with tooth sensitivity to hot and cold caused by exposed tooth roots. Areas where the gums are very thin or weak will also be reinforced, preventing future oral health problems such as gum recession. By preventing further gum recession, bone loss will also be avoided.


Soft Tissue Grafting Surgery Manhattan

Our Manhattan oral surgeon will explain that when gums recede they cause teeth to look longer than before or the gum line may appear uneven. Also causing teeth to look less appealing is the color difference between the tooth crown and the exposed root area. xanax action IA feels that soft tissue grafting surgery is necessary when gums recede due periodontal disease. In the advanced stages of periodontal disease, gum infection causes periodontal pockets to get deeper, causing gums to lose their attachment to the tooth surface and begin to pull back, exposing the roots of your teeth. Although soft tissue grafting surgery is part of a periodontal disease treatment in most cases, it can also be performed to improve the look of the gumline as part of a cosmetic make-over.

Our Manhattan oral surgeon performs the soft tissue gum graft procedure under local anesthesia, moving soft-tissue from another area of the mouth to cover the exposed tooth roots. There are three different types of soft-tissue grafts but whatever the type of graft, after the surgery, xanax action IA will place a periodontal dressing over the treated area to protect the graft for the first stage of the healing period. There may be some discomfort, bruising, or swelling after a gum graft surgery and our Manhattan oral surgeon may prescribe some pain medication to help control any discomfort. The graft will take a more natural reddish color after a few days as the blood supply is fully restored. Dr. Ostro will schedule a follow-up appointment with you, 7-10 days after your soft tissue grafting surgery, to examine the healing progress, remove any dressing and schedule an appointment to have your stitches removed 2-3 weeks later.

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