Elliott Ostro DMD

Elliott Ostro DMD

When it comes to oral surgery, it is important that you work with a skilled and experienced professional who can provide you with the highest quality treatment for your needs. The benefits of quality oral surgery are far too important to accept anything less than the best. That is why you should put your oral surgery needs in the hands of Elliott Ostro DMD. He has the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that you reap all the rewards of high quality oral surgery.

Surgical Tooth Extractions - Midtown Manhattan

Surgical Tooth Extractions – Midtown Manhattan

At the practice of Elliott Ostro DMD, we provide a number of different services depending upon the needs of our patients. One of the key services we provide is tooth extractions. Sometimes, treatments such as root canal therapy are not successful in saving a tooth, and it needs to be removed in order to keep your mouth and teeth as healthy as possible. Thankfully, this procedure is relatively painless, thanks to our use of anesthetics. We’ll use the right tools and techniques to make sure that we keep your teeth healthy without subjecting you to any major discomfort. Once a tooth is extracted, you may want a dental implant in its place. Even if you haven’t had a tooth extracted, and have merely lost one or more due to other reasons, dental implants can still be of major benefit to you. At our practice, this is just another one of the services which we offer. However, due to insufficient bone mass, some people are not good candidates for dental implants. Through bone grafting, we can correct this problem so that you will be able to properly receive dental implant treatment. We also perform periodontal surgery, which can be very important, since gum disease is among the leading causes of tooth loss in adults.

At the practice of Elliott Ostro DMD we use the best tools and techniques available in order to make sure that you get the highest quality of treatment possible. Oral surgery can have a very significant effect on your overall oral health, and as such, we work hard to make sure that you experience all the benefits that our practice has to offer.

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