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Wisdom teeth extractions in Hell’s Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen oral surgeon

Hell’s Kitchen oral surgeon

When your wisdom teeth grow in, whether its the most common time (late teens/early 20s) or later on in life, they tend to announce themselves rather impolitely, with pain. At the office of Elliott Ostro DMD, those wisdom teeth will be extracted safely, effectively, and without pain, by our Hell’s Kitchen oral surgeon.

Some people are fortunate in that theirs grow in fully and straight, without any pain or complications to accompany them. Chances are that if you’re reading this, though, you are like most patients. Your wisdom teeth have erupted and grown in crooked or only partially. They may have become impacted. If not addressed by our Hell’s Kitchen oral surgeon in a timely fashion, your surrounding teeth, nerves, and bone tissue could be adversely affected. The good news is that the removal of those teeth are done smoothly and comfortably at our office. Local anesthesia is used to ensure that you don’t feel pain, but we can also administer IV sedation or even general anesthesia if you would prefer to sleep through the procedure. Ask us about those options. Depending on how the teeth are positioned, some may be more challenging to remove than others are. That may mean the taking out of bone tissue that is blocking access to the tooth, or extracting the tooth in pieces. Stitches are often required afterwards, and you will be given gauze to stem any residual bleeding. Full recovery and healing could take a few days, but with the assistance of ice packs to manage swelling and over-the-counter medication for pain, there is no reason that you should have any major problems. Eat a soft diet and avoid smoking for at least the first 24 hours, though.

Turn to our Hell’s Kitchen oral surgeon for skilled wisdom teeth extraction. Call our office to arrange an appointment.

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