Manhattan Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions in Manhattan

Manhattan teeth extractions

Manhattan teeth extractions

Everyone needs dental care, and aside from routine examinations and check ups, some individuals, if not all of them, need some kind of dental work at one point or another in their lives. Many individuals express or experience difficulties when it comes to the development of their teeth. Some people may need braces, other individuals may need to have teeth removed, where as many people experience impacted wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth are crooked and need to be removed as well. If you happen to require Manhattan teeth extractions, and our expert dentist Elliott Ostro DMD can easily provide you with the comprehensive care and attention that you need in order to improve your dental health.

Some people need to have teeth removed because they are getting ready to undergo some kind of orthodontic work, because they have experience significant tooth decay and the tooth itself cannot be salvaged, or because a tooth has been damaged beyond repair. In other cases, impacted teeth need to be removed for the begin to affect the other teeth in your mouth. This often happens with wisdom teeth. For the most part, humans no longer really need to use wisdom teeth which were once used to grind certain types of food. As the human brain grew slowly over time, the human jaw became smaller in order to accommodate for the growing size of the brain. As a result, there became a much smaller amount of space available for certain teeth, namely wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are known by this name because they generally developed during the ages between 18 and 21, if not later on in life. Wisdom teeth can often come in impacted or crooked because of this change in the size of the average human jaw. As impacted teeth grow and develop, they can severely affect the teeth that you already have, causing severe dental crowding and intensive oral pain. In this case, you will need to have your teeth removed, so if you need any Manhattan teeth extractions, then our dentist Elliott Ostro DMD can help. The procedure used to remove wisdom teeth will differ depending on the stage of development that your teeth are currently in. Some wisdom teeth may be removed before they even erupt from the gums, which is preferable when it comes to impacted wisdom teeth, but even individuals whose wisdom teeth are not crooked might need to have them removed in order to prevent the likelihood of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

Taking care of your dental health is essential, and sometimes in order to do so you need to remove some of your teeth. With the help of our expert dentist Elliott Ostro DMD you can get any Manhattan teeth extractions that you need in order to improve your overall oral health.

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