Midtown Manhattan Oral Surgeon

Midtown Manhattan Oral Surgeon

Root canal infections can be a painful ordeal fort anyone to undergo, requiring us to seek root canal therapy as soon as possible to relieve our symptoms and rid our mouths of the infection deep inside our tooth. However, sometimes this infection is more stubborn than you or your doctor realize, causing some of us in rare cases to undergo the same symptoms as before of the infection moving inside your smile once again. Fortunately, as uncommon as these events are, when it happens to you, you can be sure to find the care you need at your local Midtown Manhattan oral surgeon of Elliott Ostro DMD, whose advanced care techniques will insure that your root canal infection is gone for good.

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Midtown Manhattan Apicoectomy

Root canals can become complicated for a variety of reasons, often differing upon the individual treatments and issues of each patient. If it has been a long time since your treatment, and you are only now experiencing symptoms of a root canal in the exact same place, this is usually the cause of dental sealant, used often at the end of a procedure to quickly mend a dental injury, breaking down over time. Microscopic cracks can often become missed if your doctor is using non-digital x-rays, which do not often pick up on tiny intricacies, and as such the tiny crack becomes a big pain, allowing infection to take root in your tooth once more. For this reason, you should take your root canal complications to the treatment of a specialized Midtown Manhattan oral surgeon for professional care of your root canal problems.

In the case of root canal complications, often the best form of treatment is through root end surgery, also known as apicoectomies. These modes of treatment involve going to the source of trouble, often an infected root end of your tooth where in the infection has taken hold, and removing it entirely. Once removed, your Midtown Manhattan oral surgeon can then clean out any remaining infection strongholds with medication, and utilizing a calcium silicate based filling to create an artificial root tip for your tooth. Your doctor will use this microscope based treatment to insure that every last trace of your infection is completely removed in an efficient and gentle manner.

Infected root canals are a source of great pain, but at our Midtown Manhattan oral surgeon practice root end surgeries do not have to be. Dr. Elliot Ostro DMD is fully licensed, certified, and highly experienced in utilizing many forms of anesthesia, including IV and other sedatives to keep you comfortable throughout the course of your treatment. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff can answer all of your questions about apicoectomies to insure that you receive the right treatment to give you a healthy smile.

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