Midtown Periodontal Surgery

Midtown Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgical procedures, when feasible, reduces further gum recession, protects underlying bone, shields vulnerable roots from tooth decay, and improves a smile’s appearance.  Gum tissue can recede from teeth because of gum disease, brushing too hard or hereditary tendency for gum recession.  Strong gum tissue keeps teeth solidly anchored and looks attractive. The new gum tissue our Midtown periodontal surgeon grafts to the site will offer better support for your teeth.  Another specialty periodontal procedure at our Midtown oral surgery practice is removing excess gum tissue.  This procedure will improves a person’s appearance by uncovering tooth structure, which makes teeth appear longer and larger.

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The foundation for a successful and effective doctor to patient relationship is built solely on trust.

Periodontist in Midtown

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Our mission at our New York City oral surgery practice is to take the time to establish a close and trusting relationship with our patients in order to put them at east during treatments.  Patient education before and after procedures is crucial to our staff at Elliott Ostro, DMD.  Dr. Ostro continually endeavors to provide the most up-to-date surgical treatments available. Our NYC oral surgery team works together with patients to provide their expertise from dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions and root canals to smile makeovers. At Dr. Ostro’s practice we change the way people live their life.  We believe our patients should feel confident with their beautiful, brighter, natural looking smile.

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