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Are you concerned about the health of the lines of your gums against destructive periodontal disease? Gum disease can cause untold amount soft tissue damage without causing any pain at all, harming the lining of our gums where they meet the roots of our teeth. Without treatment this disease can cause loss of teeth and even the bone of your jaw. Fortunately, the latest advances in oral health care can work to rebuild and restore gum lines to preserve the health and beauty of your smile. For advanced periodontal care, be sure to visit the experts at your local Midtown West dental surgeon of Elliott Ostro, DMD to find out how soft-tissue surgeries can restore your smile to a picture of perfect health.

10019 Soft Tissue Grafting

10019 Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft tissue surgeries encompass a great deal of oral health care procedures that work to restore and repair damaged or defective areas of the mouth, including lesion removal and grafts for the oral and nasal passageways. Gum tissue grafts are one of the most effective methods of combatting the later stages of gum disease, and can be accomplished in a variety of different procedures in order to suit the patient’s unique needs. One method of gum tissue graft that is most often performed by your trusted Midtown West dental surgeon is known as a connective-tissue graft. This method of care is accomplished by making a precision incision to create a flap of skin along the roof of the mouth, under which a small trace of the subepithelial connective tissue is removed. This tissue is stitched around the exposed tooth roots to the remaining gum tissue present there. The procedure is finished by sewing the primary incision closed. By utilizing grafts of tissue from your own body your doctor works to eliminate any complications caused by donor tissue or artificial substitutes. Utilizing grafts from your own mouths also promotes easy acceptance and faster healing, as your body will recognize the tissue immediately and get straight to work naturally to repair itself. Tissue can also be taken from the roof of your mouth via a free gingival graft, which involves utilizing tissue directly from the surface tissue. Free gingival grafts are often used for patients who suffer from thin gums than requiring enlarging to strengthen their hold on your teeth.

To find out how soft tissue surgeries and work to restore your smile to perfect health and prevent loss of teeth, simply visit your neighborhood Midtown West dental surgeon at the state of the art advanced care practice of Elliott Ostro, DMD. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly repairing smiles just like yours for over 28 years. With a gum tissue graft at the practice of Elliott Ostro, DMD your smile can be saved from harm.

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