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Is your smile beginning to suffer from the initial stages of damaging gum disease? Often times what begins as a simple case of gingivitis can quickly progress into full blown periodontitis without proper care. Periodontitis can cause untold damage to the entirety of a patient’s mouth, beginning with the health and quantity of the lining of your gums. However, this does not mean that your smile is without help. You can always find the advanced level of care you need to heal the damages of periodontitis with pocket reduction surgery from the experts at your local New York City periodontal surgeon of Elliot Ostro, DMD.

Surgical Periodontics New York City

Surgical Periodontics New York City

Gum diseases moves into periodontitis when permanent damage begins to occur to any area of the mouth. This process begins with the erosion of the gum lines. This causes the lines of your gums to recede slowly, causing the surface of your teeth to be exposed in the process. Eventually a gap will form between the roots of your teeth and the surface of the gum lines. The roots of your teeth are not the same as the surface which you see on a daily basis naturally, as they are not protected by enamel or dentin, making them vulnerable to decay, damage, and even dental loss without care. Your professional New York City periodontal surgeon works to protect your teeth and restore the health of your smile through the use of pocket depth reduction surgery. This process begins with a specialized deep cleaning known as root planing and scaling, which works to target the source of gum disease by removing plaque and tartar from between the gum lines and teeth where no amount of at-home care can reach, as well as smoothing out any root spots on your teeth in order to stop plaque from sticking to your smile and creating more bacteria to further gum disease. Once your mouth is clean, your doctor then works to reduce the size of your sulcus pocket by actively working to readjust and firmly attach the gum lines in to the proper positions for a smile that is not only more attractive, but also healthier and able to protect the roots of your teeth from harm.

For the very best in pocket depth reduction surgery, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood New York City periodontal surgeon. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of Elliott Ostro, DMD have performed utilized this exact procedure to save the teeth of thousands of patients just like yourself through the use of state of the art technology custom tailored to meet your unique needs. With pocket reduction surgery from Elliott Ostro, DMD your smile can be returned to picture perfect health.

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