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Dr. Elliott Ostro in New York City

Gum Surgery New York City

Are you concerned that the needs of your smile may be beyond the means of your regular general dentist? Oral surgery is a common practice today, but that does not mean it should be handled by anyone. Whether you are seeking out treatment for missing teeth, or advanced levels of care to stop from being lost due to the damages of periodontitis, you need a specialized practice who makes your need their number one priority. Fortunately, no matter what level or type of oral surgery you need, you can be sure to trust the experts at Dr. Elliott Ostro in New York City.

The offices of Elliott Ostro DMD are not your average dental offices. This unique practices works solely to address the complex need of oral and maxillofacial surgery backed by the latest advances in dental technology in use today. Dr. Elliott Ostro in New York City provides tooth extractions that truly keep patients comfortable and free from pain with local anesthesia or IV sedation as requested. Periodontal surgery from our esteemed offices work to repair gum lines against the ravages of the disease and stop dental loss. We also provide bone grafting that can work to give more patients the beautiful dental implants they deserve, as well as the beautiful implants you are longing for.

New York City Oral Surgery

New York City Oral Surgery

Dr. Elliott Ostro in New York City was granted his DMD degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 1983. Since that time has been a driven figure working to constantly keep up with the ever advancing science and technology behind oral health care in order to provide the best care possible for his patients. Dr. Osto has maintained perfect ALCS certification since 1986, and has been caring for complex oral health care needs just like yours as a practicing oral surgeon for over twenty-five years. When you need a highly experienced and expertly trained oral surgeon to restore your smile against severe levels of damage and decay, there is no better choice in your area than Dr. Ostro.

Whether you need periodontal surgery to repair ailing gum lines, bone grafts to repairing jaws which have been harmed by disease and decay so you can achieve the necessary density for porcelain dental implants, tooth extractions that can be performed without any pain to the patient, or simply are looking for the very best in dental implants to restore your smile, you can be sure to find the advanced and personalized care you need at the offices Dr. Elliott Ostro in New York City. Our offices are open five days a week for your convenience, and are fitted with the most advanced technology available today for the best care possible. At Elliott Ostro DMD you can find the oral and maxillofacial surgery you need to get your best smile back.

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