NYC Oral Surgeon, Dr. Elliott Ostro

NYC Oral Surgeon, Dr. Elliott Ostro

Have you been treated recently for a root canal infection, and yet are experiencing an ache within your tooth in the very same place once again? Root canal infections can be a painful ordeal for anyone to go through, and the only thing worse than a painful toothache is to be forced to go through the same ordeal all over again. Root canal therapies can go awry for a variety of reasons, as these procedures differ from case to case and patient to patient. However, one common factor is the simple fact that not all dentists are created equal. General dentists often focus primarily on the care of the surface of your teeth, not the complicated inner-workings of your root canal. When it comes to pain from within, put your trust in a true professional in all matters of your smile, through your local

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Root Canal Surgery New York City

General dentists are wonderful at their chosen careers, but a great deal of this work is focused on the care of the dentin, the surface of the teeth. It is not often that a general dentist receives truly specialized training in the precise care and treatment of oral surgeries. The word surgery is often seen by most as extreme when it comes to dental care, but in fact this is what occurs during a root canal therapy procedure. Your dentist will open up the infected tooth to remove the infected material deep inside the nerves and pulp within, but sometimes these procedures do not go exactly as planned. The resulting reoccurrence of a root canal infection is not common, but they do happen. In these cases, you should not put your oral health care in the hands of anyone less than a truly expertly trained professional in the field of endodontics. For root end surgery that will truly wipe out any trace of root canal infection, patients need look no further than the state of the art offices of

Root end surgery works to eradicate the last of your root canal infection but targeting the new source of your pain, the very roots of your tooth. This procedure, also known as an apicoectomy, works by taking out the infected tooth roots and replacing them with an artificial material, so your natural tooth which remains can be healthy and strong, while the artificial material keeps infection from ever taking hold again. Elliott Ostro DMD has been serving your community for over 25 years with advanced care techniques for procedures you can count on. Our team at the professional will work with you for personalized and quality care to give you back your healthy smile.

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