NYC Surgeon Dr. Ostro

NYC Surgeon Dr. Ostro

We know we all think we’re doing our best to promote our own oral health but sometimes problems arise and we need the expert care of a professional. Our NYC oral surgeon, Dr. Elliot Ostro DMD, provides incredible care using the most up-to-date and cutting edge technologies in periodontal and implant techniques. Periodontal (gum) disease is more widespread than most of us realize and as a progressive condition, can lead to much more than severe inflammation of the gums. Pocket reduction surgery is a treatment that helps to stop this loss and reduce the depth of the bacteria-collecting pockets.

Trusted Oral Surgeon, Dr. Ostro

Trusted Oral Surgeon, Dr. Ostro

Dr. Ostro and our knowledgeable team are dedicated to educating all our patients on each part of their preventative maintenance. Dental (periodontal) pockets are areas beneath the gums that collect bacteria. The gums can become sensitive and inflamed, may bleed during brushing or flossing and root sensitivity can also become an issue. If left untreated, these pockets can cause a multitude of serious issues, ultimately resulting in tooth loss. Our NYC oral surgeon cannot stress enough that proper oral hygiene is the most effective way to prevent further development of the infected periodontal pockets.

We know that any type of surgery causes certain levels of stress and anxiety but as an expert in his field with an exceptional success rate, Dr. Ostro makes sure that you’re comfortable and understand the procedure. Pocket reduction surgery is usually performed under a local anesthetic but additional sedation is an option if you prefer. It’s a very gentle procedure where the gum tissue is carefully pulled back and all the bacteria, plaque and tartar found there is removed. Once the bacteria, plaque and tartar are removed, the gum tissue is secured back around the teeth with tiny stitches. Depending on the area, the stitches may be self-dissolving or may need to be removed during a follow-up appointment. Your first follow-up appointment will be about a week after surgery and then three weeks after that. Our compassionate staff and our NYC oral surgeon is with you every step of the way and make themselves available afterwards for any questions or concerns you may have.

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