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If you are in need of periodontal surgery, it is good to know that Ellitot Ostro DMD is a fine board-certified oral surgeon in Manhattan. Dr. Ostro’s practice is limited to oral and maxillofacial surgery and implant dentistry. It is certainly understandable that the need for periodontal surgery can make you apprehensive, but Dr. Ostro’s practice strives to deliver the most comfortable and successful results; you can feel good

Trusted Oral Surgeon, Dr. Ostro

Trusted Oral Surgeon, Dr. Ostro

knowing that you are under the care of an expert, highly-trained periodontal surgeon. And periodontal surgery is a wonderful alternative to tooth loss!

As your oral surgeon in Manhattan, Elliot Ostro DMD believes in using treatments that are both pain-fee and anxiety-free. In fact, our entire staff is dedicated to making your periodontal surgery experience as comfortable as possible. We answer all of your questions about your periodontal surgery experience, and Dr. Ostro will also discuss any and all treatment options with you. The need for periodontal surgery arises when a patient has periodontal disease. This occurs when the pocket between the tooth and the gum gets filled with bacteria, plaque and tartar. These substance irritate the surrounding tissue, and can cause infection. If this happens, in time the gums can become damaged, and eventually the bone will become damaged as well. At this point you will may well need periodontal surgery. Dr. Ostro is an expert in performing this type of surgery. And, it is this surgery that is often instrumental in saving teeth, eliminating the need for tooth implants or dentures.

Elliott Ostro DMD, your oral surgeon in Manhattan, will recommend periodontal surgery if the bacteria and plaque have travelled so far into the pocket of the tooth that regular a dental cleaning can no longer be effective in debris removal. If the surgery is not done, periodontal disease can cause a painful abscess in the tooth, or simply end up loosening the tooth. If this occurs, the tooth will be lost. However, once periodontal surgery is performed, it is most important that the patient follows care instructions, and provides himself with expert oral care at home. If this is done, chances are very good that the gums will heal correctly and the teeth will be saved. There is no need to fear that periodontal surgery will be painful. Some people do experience minimal soreness in the mouth, but this does not last for more than a day or so. Sometimes there is sensitivity to hot or cold liquids, but that sensation also does not last for long. Periodontal surgery remains a wise choice if recommended by your periodontal surgeon to be a treatment option.


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