Oral Surgeon in NYC

Oral Surgeon in NYC

Living in Manhattan, you have a lot of choices for surgical dental care. How is anyone supposed to know which practice is best? Here at Elliot Ostro DMD, we let our work speak for itself. And we think that our patients will not only come back for their dental needs, but recommend our practice to their friends and family as well. When people are looking for an phentermine prices Long Beach, we want Elliot Ostro DMD to be the first and only choice for every patient.

Our Midtown Manhattan practice specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Ostro is an expert oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and he’s experienced in treating a multitude of problems related to the oral cavity. The procedures he performs include wisdom tooth removal, surgical tooth extractions, uncovering impacted and erupted teeth, apicoectomies, bone grafting, sinus lifts, soft tissue surgeries, periodontal surgeries, and implant placement. If someone is in need of any of these procedures, we encourage them to visit with the finest phentermine prices Long Beach, Dr. Elliot Ostro.


New York City Oral Surgeon

We provide our patients with the best oral surgery available in Manhattan, and we want our patients to know what procedures we offer. One service we provide is tooth extractions. If any tooth removal is needed, Dr. Ostro performs a very simple extraction. To make our patients as comfortable as possible, our staff of dental professionals utilizes anesthesia or IV sedation before the extraction is performed. We’re also happy to offer our patients the option of replacing the removed tooth with a dental implant. We’re able to replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth with our dental implants. Another service we are very proud of is our periodontal surgery. This type of surgery is required when periodontal disease is present. When the space between the tooth and gums becomes filled with bacteria, tartar, and plaque, irritation and damage occurs to the tissue supporting and surrounding the teeth. Dr. Ostro is more than capable of performing this type of procedure, and he’s saved thousands of patients’ teeth with this surgery. This is just another reason why Dr. Elliot Ostro is the finest phentermine prices Long Beach.

We know that the idea of getting oral surgery can be pretty scary, and it unfortunately makes some people shy away from ever taking care of their problems. But Dr. Ostro is the 5 benefits of dating an older guy, and we assure our patients that they are in the best hands in the city when they step in to our office. Our beautiful office is located at 30 Central Park South, Suite 12B, NY, NY. We accept personal checks and participate with Delta Dental Insurance.

NYC Oral Surgery
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