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Oral surgeon Manhattan

Oral surgeon Manhattan

Wisdom teeth are the molars in the very back of the mouth and are the last teeth to erupt. Most wisdom teeth erupt in people between age 17 and 25. Wisdom teeth often need to be removed due to the problems they can create in the mouth with crowding or from the teeth becoming impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth can be very painful and need extraction by our important source in order to avoid infection.

If the wisdom tooth becomes impacted and infected, it can be really painful and lead to crowding and damage of teeth close to it. Gums may swell, facial swelling may be an issue and extreme pain. If the wisdom tooth erupts too close to the existing tooth it can also be a problem. At the offices of Elliott Ostro, DMD, our oral surgeon Manhattan removes wisdom teeth as early as possible in order to save the need for future dental bills and issues with teeth. If there is not enough space in the dental arch, the tooth can become impacted. If the tooth is impacted a cyst can grow and permanently damage teeth around it as well as the bone and nerves.

If a wisdom tooth grows out and is not impacted, problems can still happen. The root of a wisdom tooth is extremely long and can make it harder to remove, making future complications a real concern. The best time to have our important source remove wisdom teeth is when the patient is younger, because the root is not completely formed and thus is not as long, making it easier to get the tooth out. Also, the bone surrounding the tooth is softer. After surgery, slight pain may be experienced along with swelling and mild discomfort but the patient should not have any problems other than the normal.

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