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Oral hygiene is incredibly important. Not only is at-home cleaning and maintenance of your teeth, gums and mouth vital to your health but it is also important to have an annual or biannual dental cleaning. But sometimes bacteria can get embedded so far in the gums that neither method will properly clean or protect your mouth from harm and disease. A regular check up with Elliot Ostro DMD, our Midtown West oral surgeon, can determine if your mouth is healthy and as clean as can be. If not, you may need the help of additional procedures to ensure that your oral hygiene is the best it can be.

Periodontal Surgery Midtown West

Periodontal Surgery Midtown West

Plaque and tartar are huge culprits of periodontal disease. While brushing and flossing can rid the teeth and mouth of a good amount of harmful bacteria, sometimes it can get too deep for these simple tools. If you do not visit a dentist for regular cleanings then stubborn plaque and tartar can still build up and cause pockets around the teeth. Periodontal disease is when the supporting tissue around the teeth become damaged due to the presence of bacteria. This presence then forms pockets around the teeth. These pockets can grow deeper over time which allows more space for bacteria to thrive and can cause even more damage. These pockets can cause severe tissue and bone loss, eventually requiring that the tooth be extracted. Dr. Elliot Ostro DMD is here to help you reduce these pockets and prevent further dental damage. A visit with our Midtown West oral surgeon can ensure that you are in good, gentle hands that will help restore your teeth and your smile while preserving your dental health.

First, Dr. Elliot Ostro DMD will examine your teeth and determine the depth of any pockets you may have surrounding your teeth. He will then fold back the affected gum tissue and will then remove the harmful bacteria from the area. After this bacterium is removed to prevent further decay, Dr. Ostro will secure the tissue back into place. Other steps may be necessary, such as smoothing out the tooth or damaged bone to eliminate places where bacteria can hide and will help the gums reattach to the bone. A visit with our Midtown West oral surgeon can help you significantly decrease pockets and increase the chances of keeping your natural teeth. Daily dental hygiene practices and regular dental cleanings, along with pocket reduction surgery if necessary, can significantly lower your chances of periodontal disease.

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