Oral Surgery in Manhattan

Periodontal surgery in Manhattan

Oral surgery in Manhattan

Oral surgery in Manhattan

If you are experiencing gum problems that need to be corrected by periodontal surgery, you should visit us at our oral and maxillofacial dental practice, Elliott Ostro DMD. Our highly experienced and respected oral surgeon, Dr. Elliott Ostro, has been providing patients with expert oral surgery in Manhattan for many years.

When you have gum problems that cannot be corrected by regular dental cleanings, you should come to our oral surgery practice. Our oral surgeon will be able to provide you with the oral surgery in Manhattan that you need in order to restore your gums to full health. There are many different types of periodontal surgeries that can be used to not only get your gums healthy again, but also to make your smile look more attractive, if needed. When a patient has gum disease they have deep pockets that have formed between their teeth and gums. These pockets become filled with bacteria, plaque, and tartar which irritate the surrounding tissues and eventually cause bone loss and eventually tooth loss. If this problem cannot be corrected with a periodontal scaling and root planing non-surgical procedure, our patient may need to have some type of periodontal surgery to correct the problem. Periodontal surgery has been performed by our dentist who has saved thousands of teeth that patients thought they were sure to lose – until they came to our oral surgeon for periodontal surgery. Patients can also receive gum surgery which will lengthen the appearance of the tooth, by exposing or the tooth. This surgery be used to cosmetically correct the appearance of “gummy” smiles. This surgery can also be used to make it possible for patients to get dental crowns when the existing tooth is not sufficiently exposed to be able to hold the crown.

For an appointment to come to our practice oral surgery in Manhattan, including periodontal surgery, bone grafting, or many other types of oral surgery, contact us today.

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